Power outages can be dangerous, particularly if the electricity goes out unexpectedly or during extreme weather. To be safe during a power outage, it’s important to know the basics of emergency response planning and plan ahead of time.

Before a power outage: here’s what you need to hear about.

1 a.m. Put together an emergency kit with items like flashlights, candles, and matches, as well as a battery-powered radio, extra batteries, and a first-aid kit.

2 Make a list of emergency contacts, including family members, neighbors, and your local utility company.

3 – 3 a.m. Make sure you have a phone charger that can be used with a vehicle charger or another alternative power source.

4 is a student at the University of On the 4th of August, there were 4 finalists. Always keep the phone lines open for emergency calls.

During a power outage: The following is an example.

1 is the author of a story. Stay away from downed power lines. If a power line breaks, call your local utility company or 911 immediately.

2 vs. 2 To prevent fire risks, use flashlights instead of candles.

3 – 3 a.m. To prevent overloaded the power grid, please turn off all electrical appliances.

4 is a student at the University of On the 4th of August, there were 4 delegates. To prevent food spoilage, it is best to keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed as often as possible.

5 octagons. Do not use grills or other open fires indoors.

6 – 7 p.m. During severe weather, stay inside and away from windows.

7 – 7 p.m. For updates on the power outage, tune into a battery-powered radio.

8 octagons were killed. Call your local utility company to report a power outage and get an estimate of restoration.

Following a power outag

1 is the head of the United Kingdom. For any harm caused by the power outage, be sure to check your house.

2 – A.M. Before turning them back on, make sure all electrical components are turned off.

3. Any food that has been exposed to temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit should be discarded immediately.

4 out of 5 people were killed in the attack on Thursday. Due to the power outage, you will need to clear up any rubble or fallen objects.

You can help ensure your safety in the event of a power outage by following these basic emergency communication protocols. Prepare ahead of time so you will be more prepared and secure in the event of a power outage.