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Due to the highly classified nature of this presentation, you must agree to three ground rules before we continue:

Rule One: This is not a game. You agree to not use this sensitive information to  cause “fear mongering”. We are here to inform the public in a positive manner.

Rule Two: You must be ready to watch this presentation until the end.

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Rule Three: You must be ready to live a life where your electricity bills are drastically slashed – overnight. And also, you want the experience and freedom of living totally off the grid.

Not just for days, weeks or months.

But be free from paying another power bill – forever.

The best thing, you’ll still be able to enjoy all the comforts of modern technology. We are not asking you to live like caveman.

Just imagine the lifestyle that you have right now – minus the part where you pay large amounts of bills to the electricity company and generating power from your own backyard.

As long as you agree to these three rules, you may continue to watch this presentation while it’s still online.

What I’m about to tell you will shock you to the very core. The reason why I’m telling you this is not to scare you, but instead I want to make sure that you are prepared for what’s about to happen next…

Did you know that there are over 55,000 power plants across America.

That would result in a death toll of more than 200 million American lives, perishing from disease, anarchy, starvation and riots?

Surely, a few thousand power plants need to go down to cause that kind of destruction right over a 2 year period right?

If not, they at LEAST need to take down a couple of hundred… right?


I hate to tell you this but: what if I told you the number was less than 10.

Yes, you heard correctly, in fact it will only require 9 power plants to be strategically disabled in order to cause nationwide destruction that will all but obliterate the America as we know today.

Peter Pry, a former CIA officer and one-time House Armed Services Committee staffer, who served on a congressional commission investigating such eventualities has reported this in a leaked U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission report.

He stated that a coordinated terrorist attack on just nine of the nation’s 55,000 electrical power substations could cause coast-to-coast blackouts for up to 18 months.

If you’re living in USA, then I’m sorry to tell you this but the Shit Is About To Hit The Fan.

I’m Ronald Richards, and in this short but controversial presentation I am going to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the United States power grid is under an IMMIMENT threat of attack from fringe group Islamic extremists, at best, and at worst, from foreign governments.

This nation’s very sovereignty and liberty is under threat.

And it’s going to happen much sooner than you think.

You see, regardless how powerful our nation’s defense force is, our country suffers from a previously unknown and unexploited weakness in our infrastructure.

As a God fearing red blooded American, I hate to admit this but, there is literally nothing we can do to prevent an attack on such a scale that could easily cripple our entire nation overnight.

Our 55,000 power substations are dotted all across the country and spread out that it would literally be impossible to secure every single one of them.

Our power grids are embarrassingly vulnerable to attacks both internally and externally – even without interference from outside factors.

The United States already suffers from more blackouts than any other developed nation. This is according to federal databases at the Department of Energy (DOE) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

In essence, our power grid is so weak already it struggles to maintain itself – without other domestic threats affecting it.

And domestically, there are a LOT of threads. In fact, another CIA analyst has admitted, and I quote:

“We discovered to our own revulsion that critical systems in this country are distressingly unprotected.”

Did you know that ISIS or any other terrorist organization doesn’t even need to actually come onto US soil to cause utter chaos and complete destruction?

They already have plenty of options ranging from activating Muslim sleeper terror cells already in the country, to “contracting” domestic gangs such as the Knights Templar or other criminal syndicates.

All it would take, would be a simple phone call and they’ll be able to instantly contact a sophisticated network of people who have easy access to electricity grids coast to coast – who will literally do anything for money.

This might sound scary, but this isn’t even close to the worst thing that could happen.

Remember, ISIS and other Islamic fundamentalist groups, at the end of the day are still just a bunch of extremist amateurs that do not have a well-trained and well-funded centralized governing military.

Unlike, China, Russia, Pakistan and North Korea.

These are foreign governments that are both organized and sophisticated with enormous billion dollar military budgets.

Each of these nations are currently in a position to attack USA from abroad. Using exponentially more devastating methods on a scale more epic than ISIS could ever hope to implement.

China has already proven time and time again, they have the ability to hack into our safety and security systems online. This was confirmed by an ex NSA director.

And that’s just the beginning, every single of one these nations already have the capability and motive to launch targeted high-altitude EMP based strikes against our power grids…

And that’s on TOP of their existing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons capabilities.

That’s why I’m dead serious when I tell you that our nation’s sovereignty and liberty is under IMMIMENT threat.  

Because as soon as only 9 out of the 55,000 dominos in the US power grid fail, the rest of the other 54,993 dominos will start crashing down…

And if the experts are right, all it will take is 72 hours…

Yes 3 days is all that’s needed…

To cause a catastrophic social, legal and economic meltdown in the entire 50 states of the United States after the lights go out.

3 days to nationwide food and water shortages.

3 days to mass riots and total anarchy.

3 days to the end of you and your family’s life as you know it.

Will you be ready?

How will your family survive?

You see, there’s an inherent problem in the way the modern person has been raised.

Most people don’t really think too much about where their food, water, and electricity come from. 

They go to the store, buy what they need and bring it home.  They do all that without realizing just how fragile the supply chains that bring all these goods to their doorstep actually are. 

How easily they can be broken, and what might happen if they ARE broken.

Almost nothing we make, eat, or use is actually made anywhere close to where we ARE.

We get salads from other continents, because it’s technically cheaper and saves us money.

But what we don’t realize is that, this is really dangerous because when the supply chains that bring you everything important to your life are ten thousand miles long…

They can be broken at any point along the way…

And in the blink of an eye, you can go from comfort to a life-and-death struggle.

A tree branch falls on a power line in the Great Lakes region during an ice storm, and suddenly, ten million people are freezing to death in their homes.

A super-storm rips through the northeastern US, and 30 million are without basic services for months at a time.

You see, a lifetime ago, there was a time when I didn’t really think about this stuff. 

I didn’t know (or care) where our food came from.  If we were out of eggs or milk, we just popped down to the supermarket.

I didn’t think about where our power came from.  I just flipped the light switch and it was there. 

I didn’t want to know. 

I fooled myself into thinking I didn’t NEED to know.

Then I found out that was a lie.

It was the most important thing TO know.

In our case, it wasn’t a terrorist attack, or anything like that – we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

We were one of those thirty million people in the path of super-storm Sandy.

By the time the storm was over, the lights were off and the pipes were frozen.  No heat.  No water.

We had about three days worth of food in the pantry (there’s that “three days” again), and that was it.

There were no malls or supermarkets open to buy food from – as most of them had been broken into by looters already.

Of course, all the roads were closed, so there was no way to leave, and naturally no stores were open.

The days were depressing, but the nights were terrifying.

It was utter and complete darkness.

It was as if we’re living in a ghost town, you could see some camp fires to illuminate the skies, but apart from that the entire city was dead.

Because there was no electricity or power of any sort, none of us could use any of the modern luxuries we normally take for granted.

No electric cooling or heating.

No Internet or Facebook.

No modern day appliances.

No communication with the outside world.

It was as if we were living in the stone ages, but surrounded by modern day buildings.

And because of the lack of power situation, the living conditions deteriorated to a point where mass riots and disease were starting to become a real big problem.

Since no security cameras worked, suffice to say looting and violence ran rampant. It came to a point where I had to literally physically defend my family and belongings.

Help did eventually arrive… but it was five days later. 

By that point, we were out of food, hungry, freezing, and melting snow for water. 

Help came in the form of FEMA, who offered us food handouts and a trailer with heat in it.

Honestly, I HATE taking handouts, but in that position, already two days into no food for my kids, I gritted my teeth and did it.

But after that life changing experience of living like a caged man with no power, and because of it – literally nearly freezing and starving to death, I vowed that we would NEVER be in that situation again.

I spent the next few years researching and refining existing ways to live off the grid, self-sustainability and power generation from my own backyard.

And I didn’t just want to live off the grid like a cave man or in a secluded banker either.

No, the system I eventually developed still allows you to enjoy most modern comforts 100% off the grid. 

Yes, this means you still get to live in a nice place, drive any car you want and have the power to EASILY sustain your lifestyle.

You’re going to have reservoirs of backup energy left in reserve being generated from your own back yard.

In time, I was able to compile all my knowledge and crystalize the key components into a step by step easy to follow complete “Off The Grid” survival course known as “Power Out Prepper”.


All you need to do is follow the simple steps that I lay out. You literally use the EXACT SAME STEPS I show you…

And you’ll be able to prepare your family and your home for life after the grid – starting tonight!

Here’s what Russell from Texas had to say:

“I’m 55 and a family man. I am an engineer by trade. Normally when I read these kind of guides I’m quite skeptical as you can imagine. But since it came with a 60 day money back guarantee, I figured what the heck.

It was the best decision of my life. That was just 1 week ago. Since then I have transitioned 100% of my house’s output using the various methods mentioned in Power Out Prepper and I anticipate by next month, my power bill will be $0.00.

Luke, 37, from New York wrote in:

“I live in a small apartment in NYC and I don’t have a lot of space. However, I was so sick of paying these sky high electricity bills I figured I had to do something about it.

Sure enough, applying a few simple tips in just one module I was able to slash my electricity bill up to 65% already!”

Duncan, 42 , from Tennessee said this:

“I am an army ranger and have been a prepper for the past 15 years. In fact, I’m very experienced in this area, and I know what I’m talking about. But I’m always hungry to learn more information.

Since I know how weak our power station’s are already, I already have an off grid solution in place, but I knew you could never be too prepared.

After going through this course, I have to say, it blew my mind. It shows you how to generate power in every way possible, unlike most other courses that show you one method – then makes you buy another course for another method.

Nope, I learned more than 8 different ways of generating power myself. Honestly, you cannot get this sort of value in any other single course. I highly recommend this.”

So what kinds of things are in the book?  Here’s a short preview of what you’ll learn:

In the Systematic Energy Savers module we go into detail about  the various metering laws so that you’ll learn how to start saving on your energy bill tonight!

We want to make it so brain dead simple, even if you do not finish the entire course, you’ll be able to slash your electricity bills by 50% the next month!

In the Backyard Wind Power section, we’re going to talk to you in detail how to develop your own home wind power generator. The best thing is, we’ll show you everything you need to install a self-sustaining windmill for pennies!

You’ll learn about the areas of suitability and l the components of a wind power turbine, so that you’ll be able to use it to generate not only a portion, but ALL of your electricity needs.

Wind power is, of course, only one of many different ways to generate your own electricity, and we want to cover ALL bases because not every area of the country is well-suited for wind power. 

That’s why, in the Biogas Blaster Module, you’ll learn all about Biogas. 

If you’ve ever wanted to know the cheapest and one of the most energy efficient home power methods, then this is it.

We show you how you can make it, and why it’s an important consideration in your energy self-sufficiency mix.  We’ll tell you about turnkey systems you can have up and running in a matter of days and how to scale your energy production.

Ever thought of harnessing the power of the world’s most renewable resource – water?

In the Micro-Hydrogen Harvester module, we talk about the most efficient and effective method of generating all the power you could ever need, no matter what your lifestyle. 


We literally leave no stone unturned and show you the blueprint so that you’ll know how to build a system robust enough to meet all the needs of your family, no matter what your lifestyle.

All you need to do is literally copy our proven and tested plans step by step and you’ll be moments away from harnessing the power of the water god, Poseidon.

However, we do understand that not every property is well-suited to Micro-Hydro power production.  It’s extremely effective, but of course, you need a source of fast-flowing water to make use of it, and that’s not something that everyone has access to. 

That’s one of the reasons we offer so many different methods of power generation in Power Out Prepper.

In the next module, Solaris Power Plantation, we’re going to tap into the power of the sun. The best thing is, this option is available to 100% of the population.

Of course, when most people thing about solar, they only think about solar panels.  Don’t get me wrong, solar panels are excellent, to be sure, but they are only but one option where solar is concerned.

As a backyard power professional, you’re going to not only learn about the plethora of other solar options, such as solar chimneys, passive systems, and high-heat solar systems, but how to get them in the most cost efficient way.

And that’s just the start of it.

Next we’ll delve into solar battery backups.  As soon as you read what’s outlined in this comprehensive guide, you’ll know instantly whether or not you need them.

If so, how much backup capacity will you require? 

You need to take this seriously because, the question of whether you need a battery backup array isn’t an idle one – there are many states where you won’t need them at all, and we’ll show you exactly how and why you may want to run without one.

Now at this point, most other guides would have been exhaustively finished, but that’s not the case here.

No, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

You see, we are deadly serious about providing you with alternative power solutions when the Shit Hits The Fan, because we are literally preparing for the worst case scenario, that’s why we’re not just going to stop there.

In the Stirling Engine Systems module, we’ll reveal to you a mostly unknown but extremely efficient and effective power source.

You’ll learn about the value of adding a wood stove to your energy mix. This way you’ll not only be able to cook in alternative methods, but also power your house at the same time!

Then in the Bio Diesel Dominator we’re literally giving you the blueprint to set up your own backyard biodiesel reactor. Yes, we’re going to show you how to set it up then source your own raw oil. And after that’s done, we’re going to take it one step further.

We’re going to show you how to “grow” your own constantly self-replenishing reservoir of personal oil for every household need you can imagine – and then some!

Now for the preppers out there would rather a turnkey solution, we also have this covered.

We understand that not everyone wants to build their own bio diesel reactor from scratch, that’s why we’re going to show you where you can find turnkey systems that make the entire process so dead-simple that even a zombie can operate it.

Did I mention that’s just a SHORT preview of what’s inside Power Out Prepper. It really is a one of a kind Power Generation system with no equal on the market today.

So right now you’re probably wondering, how much does it cost to get instant access to “Power Out Prepper

Before I answer that, let me you ask YOU a question.

And I want you to be completely honest…

What kind of value would you place on being able to live 100% off the grid without any pesky intervention from the state?

So that you will have complete and utter freedom and security for your family?

How much would it be worth to you to never pay for a power bill for the rest of your life? 

To create a system that will span generations, and keep your family safe, no matter what comes?

So that you’ll be able to self-sufficient, not just for a temporary moment, but indefinitely, regardless of what happens to our power grid in the event it goes down – and make no mistake. This is a matter of WHEN not IF.

Imagine the thousands of dollars you’d save on your electricity bill, when you know you’re going to be able to produce more energy than you consume and not only save money…

But make thousands more selling it to other people?

Just think about how confident and happy you’d be when you know for sure that you and your family’s future will be assured…

And your quality of life will be guaranteed when the Shit Hit The Fan and when society as we know it has all but collapsed.

Will you be one of the survivors left standing?

Are you responsible and manly enough to take pro-active action to safeguard your family’s future?

Or are you just going to bury your head in the sand and hope that everything I’ve shown you will not eventuate – even in the back of your mind you know it’s true.

You don’t want to unprepared for the day when you turn on the TV and see a Special Bulletin Report, where our power grid is under attack, whether it from natural disasters or otherwise…

Then before you can find out more about what happened, suddenly the lights go off.

And fumble your way around in a vain attempt to switch on a light…

Only to find out that there’s no more electricity…

So you stumble into your car and turn on the radio, only to realize what I just told you just came true.

And then in a fit of panic, you herd your family into your car and attempt to drive away to “safety”.

Then you drive to your closest gas station, but are forced stop at the start of the road because that street is already packed bumper to bumper with other screaming and panicking people who are literally fighting over fuel.

Then you think back to this day, the same day you watched this presentation where I was warning you of what would happen…

But you did absolutely nothing about it.

You wouldn’t want that would you?

Honestly, a system like this would be worth hundreds of not thousands.

Not just for the freedom it represents, but for the power it gives you. 

The power and control over your own life.  It may be the first time you’ve ever actually HAD that power in your life, when you stop to think about it.

We’re not even selling this program for thousands of dollars, although we could. 

Hell – there are offers on the internet right now that ONLY deal with one source of alternate power generation that sells for more than $1997.00.

I know, because in putting this book together, I bought a good few of them to see what they had to offer.

Mostly, they would give you information about one method for example, Solar Power generation, but if I wanted to learn about Wind Power, I’d have to buy ANOTHER course from them.

In other words, they weren’t interested in showing me how to generate my own power, but instead were more interested in selling me more stuff.  No thanks.

You know…I HATE it when people do that. 

Lure you in with the promise of telling you what you need to know, then holding something back so they can try to sell you more stuff.

That’s not how we do things here, and that’s not why this course was written. 

This course was written to cut through all the BS, and get straight to the point of what works, how it works, and why it matters.

It was written based on my own, firsthand experiences and using literally thousands of hours of my own research. 

If something doesn’t work, or is impractical, I’m not going to beat around the bush.  I’m not going to tell you something works when it doesn’t.

First, why would I do that?  Doing that would defeat the entire purpose of writing this course.

Second, if I did that, you’d want your money back, and I wouldn’t blame you.  It doesn’t make any real sense.

Anyway, I’m not charging $1997.00. dollars for it, even though I’ve seen other courses that contain less than what is inside this course, but ask for that price.

I’m going to charge enough to compensate myself for the time spent, and that’s it.  My main goal is to make sure that the people who want the information have access to it.

I know how hard it is without someone guiding you, because I had to stumble around in the dark for years.

I don’t want you to go to go through the frustration of figuring all this stuff out by trial and error.

Because you’re still watching this presentation, it means you’re one of the lucky few who are still allowed to participate in this private group…

And it also means that you’re serious about taking action today to prepare yourself for anything that might come.

So by clicking the big yellow button below this video, you can access the complete “Power Out Prepper” (that’s worth at least $1997.00).  

And have all of these secrets crystalized from my many years of hard work and experience, and not just from me, but also other experts…

Completely laid out in front of you, in a step-by-step blueprint, that allows you to literally copy and paste follow…

In just 60 seconds from now…

For just $47.

It’s worth a lot more than that, but I’ve always believed in over-delivering.  People appreciate getting a good deal, and I consider everyone who joins my program to be a friend.  

Bottom line – I don’t screw or rip off my friends

And because we’re on your side and truly dedicated to helping you succeed, we’re going to take a huge extra step and remove ALL of the risk for you.

If you don’t experience rapid, life-changing results by using this one of a kind course, all you need to do is email us anytime within the next 60 days and we’ll issue you a full refund. Every penny. 

Your trial purchase today is backed by an iron-clad 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You have a full 60 days to try it out…

Swipe the secrets…

And if they don’t get you the exact results you’re hoping for, simply send us an email and our customer support team will immediately issue you a full refund.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a very fair offer.

And because you’ve watched this presentation this far, I know you’re an action taker…

So let me reward you with a few fast action bonuses worth hundreds of dollars, if you take action today.

The Power Out Prepper Audio Course (a $147 Value)

To make it even easier for you to absorb these secrets, we went the extra mile and created an audio version of the entire Power Out Prepper course. And we’re giving it to you for free.

This way, you can listen to the course on your computer, or in your car…or slip on a pair of headphones and listen while you’re at the gym, taking a walk, or anywhere else.

And here’s the next bonus… 

The “Backyard Security Blitzkrieg ” (a $97 value).

Imagine the situation where everyone around you is surrounded in darkness, except you’re the only house for miles that has its power on.

You and your home will almost guaranteed become an instant target. For now.

Let us show you to make your house no longer a target by making it the worst place to attempt an invasion. Ever.

If you’re the type that has a morbid sense of humor, then you’ll almost be hoping to have intruders attempt to try and storm your base…

Because, at the end of the day, they’ll just be bringing supplies to your fortress anyway

Seriously, if you do use these secrets, after one attempt, no one will EVER try to invade your home after they saw what happened to the last guy.

You also get “Wilderness Survival Warrior(a $47.00 value).

In the unlikely event that you’ll need to venture out of your house to gather supplies or resources, then we’ve also got you covered.

Let us give you a step-by-step blueprint that will turn you into a modern day wilderness warrior. I’ve even had comments from seasoned military snipers who swore they have never seen some of the advanced tactics revealed in this report.

Next, you’ll receive “Essential Survival Secrets” (a $67 value).

Learn these essential secrets and you’ll be prepared for almost anything regardless of what weather condition and location you find you or your family in.  

In this no holes bared special guide, we cut through the BS and let you know what you need to do in order to keep both you and your family alive.

Next, is possibly the smallest, but most important report I’m going to share with you. Because it has literally saved more than a few of my student’s from death…

I know because they wrote me and told me this.

It’s a special bonus report called “11 Water Purification Methods” (a $27 value).

Water is without a doubt the most important thing when it comes to survival. That’s why I’m going to reveal to you 11 different ways to purify drinking water.

In fact, once you have this system in your hands it will literally be impossible that you’ll be faced in a situation where you’ll not have fresh and purified water available to you.

So let me remind you of the FREE bonuses you’re going to get on top of the Power Out Prepper course, as a package if you try it out 60 days risk free today:

The Power Out Prepper Audio Course (a $147 value)

The “Backyard Security Blitzkrieg ” (a $97 value).

The “Wilderness Survival Warrior” (a $47.00 value).

The “Essential Survival Secrets” (a $67 value).

And “11 Water Purification Methods” (a $27 value).

That’s $385.00 worth of value, and those are just the high-quality free bonuses we’re going to GIVE you for free on top of the complete “Power Out Prepper” course (worth at least $1997.00).

Remember, this one-of-a-kind system that allows you to be 100% self-sufficient and live off the grid – indefinitely.

That’s why a course like this would normally be valued at several thousand dollars, when you consider that we’re giving you personalized follow-up support and our private clients pay us hundred of dollars per hour.

Right now you can get instant access to the entire Power Out Prepper course, and receive all $385.00 worth of bonuses, for only $47.

All you need to do to get immediate access to “Power Out Prepper,” and the incredible bonus package, is click on the big “Add To Cart” button below the video.

This webpage is 100% secure and encrypted with the latest 256-Bit Encryption Protocol, guaranteeing that your purchase is safe, secure, and most importantly private.

Did I mention that this is really just a trial purchase?

You have 60 days to try it out in full, because we’re so confident in your results that it’s backed by a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Click the “Add To Cart” button right now, so we can share these secrets with you immediately.

Secrets that are literally changing the lives of preppers around the world right now, as you watch this. 

But you do need to act now. Your window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

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We’re down to 14 remaining spots. This web page will automatically be taken down once all of the spots are taken.

I urge you to take action RIGHT NOW in order to secure your spot and receive all the bonuses, totally risk-free. 

Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel when you flip on a light switch and know that you can leave it burning twenty-four/seven if you want to, without having to worry about how much your electric bill is going to be next month.

If you’re beholden to someone else for your electricity, how free are you?  How free are you really?

Sure, you can convince yourself you’re free, right up until there’s a problem.  Then, you find out very quickly that it was all an illusion.

Don’t wait for trouble to find you.  Don’t wait for things to fall apart, before you start taking steps to make yourself TRULY free.  It puts both you and your family at needless risk.

If you wait till disaster strikes to do something about it, you’ve waited too long, and you’ll be one of those tens of thousands of families standing in line to get a FEMA trailer to live out of and have someone from the government swinging by to give you handouts and food vouchers.

And that’s if you’re one of the lucky ones…

Is that what you want for your family? 

Is that what you want for yourself? 


Of course it isn’t, but look, I get it. 

You’re skeptical. 

If this program does everything I say it does, why wouldn’t I try to sell it for more, right?

So here’s the thing, let me reiterate this again. I am going to remove ALL the risk from you.

I am 100% dead serious about my iron clad 60 days 100% money back guarantee.

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But of course, I know that’s not what’s going to happen when you hit the “Add To Cart” button.  If I thought that was going to happen, I wouldn’t be wasting your time.

What’s going to happen is, you’ll read through this program and LOVE it! 

It’s going to melt your brain (but in a good way) and blow your mind and get you excited to start putting your system in place.

That’s the reason I’m willing to make the guarantee.  I want you to have the chance to see for yourself. 

So that’s it.  This is the most comprehensive course of its kind anywhere on the ‘net. 

It guides you through the process of becoming energy self-sufficient, or achieving whatever level of self-sufficiency you’re comfortable with.

It’s not magic. 

It doesn’t rely on any secret tricks or hidden mechanisms, and it’s so quick and easy, I’ve had students starting and completing entire modules almost overnight.

You can start today!

Yes, you can begin implementing what I teach you, as soon as tonight and have a fully developed system by the weekend.

Let me assure you, it isn’t hard work, at all because I lay out all the secrets bare naked in front of you. 

In fact, if you start tonight and try it, I guarantee you within the 60 day money back guarantee, you’ll be generating power from your very own home.

Click the “Add To Cart” button below this video, and you’ll instantly discover how to generate your own power and reduce your electricity bill and live off the grid forever.

You may still be sitting on the fence and asking yourself whether or not to take me up on this offer.

But let’s be honest with each other…

Deep-down, the reason I’m still talking to you is that you know that I’m right about this and you are concerned for you and your family’s welfare.

So right now, you have two options.

Option 1: You can close this page and continue to live your life or you may even make improvements and try to “wing it” yourself…

But you know as well as I do, unless you’re an expert engineer or a survival enthusiast with years of experience, learning to get off the grid would take you way too long to figure out by yourself and chances are you going to just give up.

That is until the day the Shit Hits The Fan, and you realize that you have no more power at home and the electricity is gone.

And fumble your way around in a vain attempt to switch on a light…

Only to find out that there’s no more electricity…

So you stumble into your car and turn on the radio, only to realize what I just told you just came true.

And then in a fit of panic, you herd your family into your car and attempt to drive away to “safety”.

Then you drive to your closest gas station, but are forced stop at the start of the road because that street is already packed bumper to bumper with other screaming and panicking people who are literally fighting over fuel.

THAT is when a feeling of deja vu will hit you like a ton of bricks, because you’ll be living the exact scenario that I just described earlier in this presentation.

And as you huddle with your family in darkness, you’ll be regretting the decision you made that day when you chose not to try out Power Out Prepper along with its 60 day money back guarantee.

Because you would be the one responsible for not only endangering yourself, but you also rendered your family to be at the mercy of whoever will be the one to first smash your car window and over power you…

Now we both know that’s an outcome that you don’t want and can be easily prevented.

Then there’s Option 2.

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You’ll be the glimmer of hope in your neighborhood when there are blackouts coast to coast and desperate people will literally be willing to sell anything, including their children in exchange for what you have.

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Now is your chance to be one of the 1% of action takers, that see a problem in the future and actively take steps from preventing it from happening…

Instead of being like the rest of the 99% of the population that cry and whine when it’s all too late, whilst they are lining up starving asking for handouts.

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Whatever you decide, I truly wish you the best.

You’re still here? You might still have some questions, so let me answer some of the most common questions we’ve received.

Todd, 32, from Austin asked: “If all this sustainability stuff is so easy that it can fit into a single course, then why aren’t more people doing it?”

First, understand that there’s nothing easy about it when you try to do it yourself, without this course.

What the Power Out Prepper does is lay out the blueprint for how you can create an interlocking system that will see you become increasingly self-sufficient and self-supporting. 

That’s why it’s EASY.  

If you want to try and figure it out yourself, then it’s going to take years of hard work not to mention thousands of dollars’ worth of wasted money

As to why more people aren’t doing it.  Some are too scared to do the work, others are too apathetic… or just darn right lazy.

They figure that the system is working pretty well right now, so there’s no trouble.  What they don’t realize is that all it takes is ONE natural disaster or terrorist attack to screw things up for months…or forever…

Jacob from California wrote in and asked: “How long will this take?”

You can probably read through the entire guide in a single evening and start putting you own plan in place the same day you finish reading. 

We’ve had students literally start and become self-sustainable and living off grid over the weekend.

Aaron, 25 from Dallas asks: “But what if nothing happens?”

I sincerely hope that nothing bad ever happens. 

I’d love to live in a world where the US never suffered from another terrorist attack, and one where nobody here ever suffered from a drought, hurricane, tornado, flooding, or any other kind of natural disaster. 

I think we can all agree that would be the very best outcome imaginable.

Honestly though – how likely do you think that is? 

Sooner or later, you’re going to suffer through one of these. 

Probably more than one, over the course of your life. 

But EVEN IF you didn’t…

Even if you lead a completely charmed life and nothing like that ever happened to you…

You’re still paying the crooks down at the power plant an excessively high fee, and the faster you get out from under that, the better off you’ll be.

Look, I’m like you. 

I’d prefer that nothing bad happened, but I also believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s exactly what this is. 

Consider it your inoculation against disaster, and your way of freeing up all the money you used to send to the utility companies every month. 

Even if none of those things happen though, the fact is that the materials in this book will set you free. 

You will be living better, and having more money left over at the end of each month, because you’re no longer having to pay the utility monopolies for the electricity that makes modern life possible.

I sincerely hope that NOTHING happens. 

I’m sure you do too.  But in the event of, you’ll be prepared, and even if not, you’ll be saving tons of money each month.  That’s win-win.

Darren, 44, from San Diego asked: “I don’t have a lot of space. Will this work for me?”

Sure.  Obviously, the more space you have to work with, the better, but we’ve included plans that even people living in apartments and condos can use. 

Toby from Alaska wrote: “I live in a cold state. Will this work for me?”

Absolutely – the methods we cover aren’t dependent on the average daily temperature, and in fact, in at least one case, being in a colder climate can actually work to your advantage.

Keith, 33, from Sydney wrote: “Will this work if I’m outside the US?”

Even though we wrote the Power Out Prepper with the US in mind, the concepts here will work just as well in any part of the world.  Soil is soil.  Sunlight is sunlight.  Wind is wind.  You can make full use of everything here, no matter where you live.

Stacey from Vancouver asked: “Is this really risk-free?”

It absolutely is.  We stand behind our product 100% and we’re so sure that you’re going to love it, that we’re taking all the risk.  You have NONE.  The reason we can do this is because we KNOW the product. 

We’ve tested it and built it by careful research and a healthy dose of trial and error.  That’s why we’re so confident you’ll love it, and the freedom it gives you and your family. So go on, click one of the “Add to Cart” buttons below, and let the Power Out Prepper give you the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

Thank you again for watching this presentation.

If you have any more questions, you can simply click the “Add To Cart” button below and complete your checkout.

In our private members area, you will see how to contact our 24-hour customer support team and they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Are you ready to be ready to be finally free of the power grid forever?

To never pay another electricity bill as long as you live?

To be able to sleep at night knowing that even in the worst case scenario, nothing will prevent you and your family from having the luxuries of modern life?

Ever wondered what kind of generators you would need to turn fuel into usable electric power?

In the Fast Fuel Fusion module, we’ll show you exactly that and much more. Let us show you how to develop Systemic Synergy with what you already have and super charge them with battery backups. 

In the Instant Electricity Arsenal section, we show you the how to generate alternate power from devices already sitting around in your own home.

Yes, this includes everyday household kitchen and bathroom appliances to your motor vehicle. Mind you, not all of these appliances generate electricity, but some of them are able to run on alternate forms of power, and as such, they’re important to consider.

Crucial Electricity Checklist is where we tie in the loose ends to integrate everything into a single easy to use source, that will cater for every situation you end up in.

Yes, this will work for you 100% regardless of which components you choose to build your own perfect home energy system.

Remember, when the Shit Hits The Fan, there will be two groups of people.

There’ll be a massive group of people all around you are shivering in the cold and dark, wondering when the government man will be by with the food vouchers.

Then there’ll be another much smaller group of people, that will be relaxing in their fully functional and modern home. They’ll probably be listening to music, surfing the web, and cooking a hot, healthy, delicious meal.

One of those sounds pretty good.

One of them sounds a lot like a nightmare.

Which would you prefer for your family?

Don’t delay, act now, click the “Add To Cart” button and try out Power Out Prepper today.

Years from now, you’re going to look back and congratulate yourself on making a good decision.

No matter what the world throws at you, you will have given yourself the best odds of not just surviving it, but actually THRIVING.

All you need to do in the here and now is ACT. So go ahead – click the “Add to Cart” button below. I’ll be waiting for you with a special message in the “members area.”